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Lockpick Guns Article

Lock pick guns are also referred to as EZ snap guns and lockaid tools; these tools are generally misunderstood by uninformed individuals in the industry, as they are used simply for opening pin tumbler locks and nothing else. Lock pick guns come under a variety of different names, specifically lock aids and snap guns, and they operate effectively by following the laws of physics, i.e., action vs. reaction. Instead of opening locks with standard raking techniques with the typical lockpicks, the snap gun follows the fundamental law of physics to compromise and alter the locks.

Pick guns operate manually, with a small finger, which is also referred to as a needle, and then it is placed into a keyway. Upon squeezing the trigger, the contraption is cocked, and then the needle stoops and drops. When pulled further, the hammer is released, and the needle snaps upward in a rapid motion. The thumbwheel determines the level of force that the hammer snaps. It may require some practice to set the thumbwheel properly, to attain just the right pressure.

Basically, just before the hammer drops, the needle needs to rest softly on the bottom pins, so a tension wrench should be handy at this point, to be used in the keyway, just like with regular lock picking. The tension needs to be light, and as the needle snaps to the top, then the pins will be tossed upward in the same moment, slightly away from the pins on the bottom. As the pins are thrown upward, at the same time, the shear line that is between the shell and plug should be unimpeded. Assuming the right amount of pressure is applied on the wrench, the plug should twist, and then the lock should open.

Police officers used the manual lock pick gun years ago, when they were unable to perform the necessary art for picking locks. They needed to act fast, with little instruction. The lock pick gun is therefore the perfect tool for law enforcement, storage space owners, property managers, or just about any individual that needs to serially open a pin tumbler lock. Bear in mind that although the lock pick gun is essential to a locksmith's entire toolset, it can never take the place of an entire lockpick set, as they are limited in their effectiveness, but great for basic pin tumbler locks.