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Lockpicking Tools

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Locksmith Tools General Information:

There is an abundant variety of lock picking tools available on the market today, yet if the individual is savvy enough, the tools can be created from flat cold-rolled steel, from about 0.020 to 0.030" thick. In addition, the strip needs to be roughly 6" long and 1/3" in width. It is also quite feasible to design picks from apparent household items. Many tension tools are made with hardened spring steel, and they are typically 3 to 6 inches in length, and this of course does not refer to the portions that actually fit into the keyway opening. These measurements can very slightly and still be effective.

Tension tools, and lock picks created for double-sided tumbler disk locks are absolutely unusual in their design and need to be bought from a reputable company or dealer, for it is less expensive to actually buy them then to create them from many common items. After analyzing potential options, many creative individuals with an artistic spark still wish to create them. If so, the interested party may wish to take a look at the book, "Improvised Lock Picking," whereby the author reveals a large amount of secrets for making fast and easy lock-picking tools, right there on the spot.

Once again, household items commonly found in a standard home, in the garage, and the yard often is the foundation for the best, strongest tools. The process for picking the lock is often relatively easy, provided that the tools are decent copies of actual lock pick tools, but one thing is certain in this regard: picking locks in this way requires a lot of patience and practice, so it may be that the individual will opt to purchase professional tools that have been proven fruitful over the years.

We understand that there will still be individuals that opt to purchase lock pick tools, so we have supplied a short list of all of the fundamental items that will be needed. Moreover, soon there will be links of picks with corresponding descriptions and images, so the individual knows exactly how and what the items look like, in addition to how much they cost.

  • Double Ball Lock Pick
  • Single Ball Lock Pick
  • Large Diamond Lock Pick
  • Small Diamond Lock Pick
  • Long Hook Lock Pick
  • Short Hook Lock Pick
  • C-Rake Lock Pick
  • S-Rake Lock Pick
  • L-Rake Lock Pick
  • Broken Key Extractor
  • W-Rake Lock Pick

For more information about each type of lock please click on the link above.